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We help businesses accelerate their customer acquisition

Plummy is an AI powered business marketing platform that helps you to grow your business by automating your marketing and sales processes.

Powered by Generative AI and large Language Models (LLM), Plummy helps you to create and run hyper-personalized marketing campaigns at scale, and engage with your customers in a more meaningful way.

Such personalized marketing campaigns help you to increase your customer acquisition rate by 2x to 3x.


Optimize your spend on marketing

Plummy helps you to optimize your spend on marketing by running hyper-personalized marketing campaigns.

Automated marketing and lead generation

Plummy helps you to automate your marketing and lead generation processes.

Improve your customer acquisition rate

Plummy helps you to improve your customer acquisition rate by 2x to 3x.

Use-cases across industries
Plummy can be used across industries

Home Services

Plummy can be used by home service businesses like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, cleaners, etc.


Plummy can be used by HVAC businesses like HVAC contractors, HVAC technicians, HVAC installers, etc.

Home Improvement

Plummy can be used by home improvement businesses like home improvement contractors, home improvement technicians, home improvement installers, etc.

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